Tobacco-Free Life Academic Scholarship

tobacco-free life scholarship

Are you passionate about creating a tobacco-free world? Tobacco-Free Life awards $2,000 in scholarships each quarter to students who are committed to preventing the suffering and death caused by smoking. If you share our vision, we want to support you in your academic study.

Scholarship Information

Tobacco-Free Life is offering scholarship awards to the students who best demonstrate their skills in encouraging smokers to break free of their addiction by creating a well-researched and evidence-based paper offering advice to tobacco users.

The Problem

Tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death in the world. According to the World Health Organization, half of tobacco users die as a result of smoking-related diseases. In addition to the abundant risks to the user, smoking also harms bystanders and the environment.

Almost 70 percent of smokers want to quit, and around 43 percent try each year. However, many smokers don’t have the know-how or the willpower to kick the habit for good. Over two-thirds of smokers who quit for a short period of time will relapse and take up smoking again.

The Solution

Inspiring smokers to make a positive change in their lives with evidence-based information has been shown to increase their chances of successfully quitting.


Scholarship Prize

Each quarter, two students will be selected to each receive $1,000 in scholarship funds.

Application Deadline

October 31, 2018 at 11:00 PM (PST)

What to Do

If you want to apply for the scholarship, simply submit a typed essay of between 1,000 and 1,500 words that answers the following questions:

  • Why do you believe smoking is a significant problem for both individuals and society as a whole?
  • We as a society need to tackle the issue of smoking. What is the best way to accomplish this, and why is it the best approach?
  • Imagine we’re successful in creating a smoke-free world: what would that world look like? How would it be different to the world we live in today?
  • If you could say just one thing to current smokers, what would it be?

When you’ve completed your essay, sign it with your full name, your email address, phone number and permanent address.

The winners will be chosen based on the content, style and originality of the essays. Essays with a logical structure that are well-supported by evidence and fully referenced stand the best chance of winning.

How to Apply

  1. Read the Scholarship Rules.
  2. Submit the Scholarship Contest Application Form.
  3. Email your essay to


  • 14 years or older
  • Accepted to or enrolled in a high school, college or university in the United States

Winner Notifications

Winners will be contacted via email and featured on the website.

Get Started

To get started, simply fill out and submit your scholarship application form.